Surfside Science


This is a project started in Aruba to spark efforts to collect and share environmental data through citizen science. These efforts focus on combining new technologies, simple methods, and open communications to increase understanding of our island ecosystems.

We invite other islanders around the world to observe and record and study the changing islands we inhabit, together. These are our islands, and we should know them. Click here to read our full invitation.

We have received support from UNESCO in two phases of the project, the first in 2019 and the second in 2021. The first phase explored the island environment on land and sea, using affordable sensor systems to automatically collect data, and satellite imagery analysis to see how we might map changes over time. The second phase focused on the coastal ecosystem, exploring past and future impacts of climate change.

More details on these various explorations, including work session notes, instructional guides, photo albums, videos are all contained and linked from our website, so feel free to look around and ask questions! The main projects are:

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